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Developing and Refining A Payments App Design Based on Users’ Feedback

Providing expert design services and crafting an exceptional experience for users of the Careem super app


Careem needed a reliable partner to support it in developing new services and refining its Careem Pay solution based on users’ ongoing feedback. The company was looking for a design team experienced in providing product design, UX, and UI services in fintech. We provided Careem with top-quality design talent and support from a knowledgeable team experienced in mobile app design within the fintech industry.


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Middle East

About the client

About the client

Who We Are.

Starting as a ride-hailing pioneer in the Middle East, Careem has gradually evolved into the region’s everyday super app, offering delivery, mass transportation, and payment services. Acquired by Uber in 2020, Careem now operates in over 100 cities across 14 different countries and has over 48 million users.


Careem Pay, the payments app offered by the Careem super app, provides financial services such as peer-to-peer transfers, a digital wallet, merchant-focused services, and bill payment capabilities. The solution aims to streamline and simplify sending and receiving money by providing users with an easy, safe alternative to traditional bank transfers.

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Developing a more accessible and engaging solution

Who We Are.

Driven by user feedback, Careem’s goal was to reshape its rapidly expanding Careem Pay app, making it more intuitive and enhancing the overall experience to meet users’ expectations. To achieve this, the company needed the support of an expert team to analyze the app’s design and deliver improvements.


Therefore, the client was searching for an experienced consulting partner with a proven track record in mobile app design for the financial sector who could help them navigate the challenges they faced.


Some of the key goals Careem sought to achieve throughout our collaboration included:


  • Developing scalable and user-friendly main screens of the app features (Pay Home and Wallet Home).


  • Designing the entire wallet experience with a number of new features and complex flows. For example, they wanted to enable money withdrawals, changing or removing cards on an active subscription, and top-ups. There were also various edge cases, such as custom card design and a Pay SDK library used across all app verticals.


  • Making Careem Pay more accessible for its users.


  • Adjusting the company’s “Know Your Client” process to the app’s architecture.


  • Building a scalable bill payments interface for a growing number of users.


  • Improving the design of specific features, such as peer-to-peer transfers, to increase conversions and attract new users.


  • Supporting the implementation, maintenance, and improvement of a new design system (Aurora).


  • Continuously researching and working on concepts to enhance certain app features.


  • Making swift adjustments and corrections based on users’ ongoing interactions and feedback.

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Delivering high-quality, proven design in a dynamic environment

Who We Are.

As Careem Pay is a rapidly developing solution, our teams needed to provide product design services in a highly dynamic environment while addressing the needs of stakeholders and the client.


We were required to develop complex flows in a brand new design system while working on new ways to improve all of the app’s features.


At the same time, our team needed to monitor the app’s performance closely and continuously improve its features based on users' ongoing activity and feedback. This process included addressing numerous edge cases that we identified during our work and accounting for them in the final design.

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Providing results

Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations

Who We Are.

The client’s expectations regarding their partner were clear: they needed top-quality design talent and expert support from a knowledgeable team experienced in mobile app design within the fintech industry. And they needed a reliable solution in a short timeframe.


The Dotcod team not only managed to fulfill those needs but also exceeded the client’s expectations and goals.


  • We provided the client with high-quality product design services and top-notch design talent.


  • Our teams carefully and constantly monitored user interactions and made swift improvements based on user feedback and a careful analysis of the app’s performance.


  • We created a complete design proposal, distilling our years of experience in building successful mobile apps, our knowledge of the fintech market, and current data about the app’s usage, its users, and business feedback.


  • To meet our client’s needs, we rapidly switched priorities to address the most critical tasks at any given moment.


  • Aurora, the client's brand new design system, is being implemented and used efficiently as per the Dotcod design.

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